Here is what some of our customers have to say about us…

True North Marine Service Team

We love to hear from our customers! Please feel free to share photos of races or other events you have been a part of recently. Not only do we enjoy working hard to make sure you enjoy your boat, but we would love to see how much fun you are having, so please feel free to share those moments as well.

“Thank you folks for your service. I appreciate you guys and the work you do. Pricing is always fair and work and workers are professional. It is a pleasure to do business with you. Invoice looks good, and thanks for checking with me. Although, I hate to have to call you, I always know when I do, a great company is there for us sailors”!

Capt. Davies

We want to thank TrueNorth-Marine for the excellent job helping us with the installation of our rebuilt engine. Annie is a Classic 32′ wooden Grand Banks. A true Restoration of her is a very important project for our family. We hope to preserve her for many years of family use and to offer a glimpse into the past of these remarkable wooden boats. Our goal is to have Annie in a condition as close to November of 1972 as we can achieve.

When meeting with Patrick and outlining our “plan” for squeezing this original engine back into place, I appreciated his attention to our goal. He turned the project over to you and your team and we never missed beat. The engine was “dropped” onto the aft deck, and rolled into the cabin on her cart…. with 1/8″ clearance on each side… it was a close fit, but the Plan Worked. One of the attached pictures is of you … under the engine, lining up the final fit.

Your attention, along with Darren’s and Brent’s, to the details of creating historically correct, safe, and efficient operational functions will help us achieve our goal. We have a long way to go, but the Comfort Level TrueNorth added with your examination of our rebuilding efforts and in making the final engine bolt-up/installation and start-up/adjustments is very Much Appreciated. Sometimes it just makes good sense to call in Experts, THANKS FOR THE HELP.


Albert & Jim

Patrick, Michelle, Matthew and Team,

I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome work you did out here on this project. I can not express how hard it is to find honest contractors that can perform and dont gouge the crap out of ya and over the course of the past 2 years since I first started owning/living on a boat I have been impressed every time your team does work for me.

In Sept. of 2012 I sailed my boat over from Florida and had to be towed in to portofino as my “new” engine was a total mess. Cody and Patrick came out and hit a homerun with a tune-up, replacing fuel lines, and the level of professionalism was awesome. Then, I had your team out again (I can not remember the contractor’s name) to replace my AC water pump and not only did you repair it, but you were able to build a new mount, fixed up the lines, and it has been running great.

There have been a couple more since then and this last project was no let down either. The electrician that your team sent out was the best! He not only knew what he was doing, very well, he was easy to talk to, willingly shared his knowledge and was just another example of the professionalism your team shows consistently. I had asked Matthew, another True North superstar, to hook me up with some help on installing my new charger/inverter for this last project and once again, wow. Not only did the electrician get the charger/inverter installed, but he possibly saved my entire boat by identifying several problems within my panel box and how the wiring was done previously. My boat now operates better than it did before I had issues, and I learned a great deal in the process from him.

So thank you all for your great work. As a business owner myself (IT Industry), I can appreciate the difficulty in finding the right talent for delivering your services and you guys have done a fantastic job based on what I have seen from sales through delivery of your services. Your my goto company, and at least on my dock in Seabrook Marina, that sentiment is shared by my neighbors.

Thanks again,


I would like to say how much I appreciated Mathew’s help throughout this work. He was very thorough and professional and displayed a great positive attitude. Additionally he displayed great patience in dealing with my questions, and I learned a great deal. He is welcome on Island Gypsy anytime.


Norm Odam

m/v “Island Gypsy”

I am currently involved in the refit of a 1990 Cheoy Lee 58’ Sportfish.  It is known that the older Cheoy Lee’s are notorious for “confusing” and “substandard” electrical systems, so we contracted True North Marine to handle the electrical and electronic aspects of the project.

 The veteran boat owner of the 1990 Cheoy Lee requires prices for work requested due to many “surprises” over the years.  True North Marine gives accurate estimates and work orders.  They will contact us immediately when unforeseen issues occur; and will not continue until proper authorization is issued.   Most of all, the invoices are detailed, easy to understand, and leave little to explain to the boat owner, which is very helpful. 

The quality of work performed rivals some of the finest I’ve seen over the years.  They clued us in on new methods and technology to update the archaic habits of both the boat builder and myself.  The project is in the final stages and the crew at True North Marine has made what could have been a potential nightmare, relatively painless.  I will not hesitate to contact them for future service and ideas.

Thank you,

Capt. Willie Barnett

“Blue Moon” / 72’ Cheoy Lee and “Elvira” 58’ Cheoy Lee

“I want to say very clearly that it is hard to find a business that you can trust with something important to you.  True North is that business for me.  I own a Catalina 350 and have had some difficulties with it, and Patrick and his group have always been highly professional and trustworthy.  Even when we had some problems with our transmission in Rockport, Texas, Patrick was willing to order the part, drive down and install it, all at a fair price.  When our boat developed a leak in our shaft (and of course I had a business trip out of town), the guys at True North kept an eye on the leak, and was able to get the boat hauled as soon as possible.  Not only do they do excellent work, they give you peace of mind.  I appreciate them very much, and they have my business.”

Toni S. Roddey

s/v “China Moon”

“My wife and I very recently purchased our first boat, a Pacific Seacraft 34. We live in the Midwest and keep the boat here in Kemah. Our dream is to build up our sailing skills and start cruising now, while we still have our health and our mobility even though we don’t have the financial resources to fully retire at this moment. Very shortly after we bought the boat we discovered there were several problems, some of them very significant. Although the boat was originally built well and the hull structurally intact, several systems had very seriously deteriorated through neglect over the last few years. In fact, the very first time, I’m not kidding—the very first time we took it out after the purchase, the engine conked out right in the middle of the Kemah channel and we had to call SeaTow to bring us back to the slip. We were both panic stricken. What had we gotten ourselves into? How could we possibly oversee repairs when we live 1200 miles away in Iowa? Are we witnessing our dream very rapidly morph into a nightmare?!

It was right about then that we came across True North Marine and Patrick McAndrew, its owner and manager. He got to the bottom of the engine problem right away and with a new mixing elbow we got going again within the next couple of days. But the more we took the boat out, the more problems we discovered in the various systems and their components. Electrical, plumbing, engine, air conditioning, transmission, bilge pumps…the list just kept growing. We realized that the boat would probably be fine for short sails around Galveston Bay but it was not ready for any substantiative cruising and definitely not ready for offshore sailing.

As these problems revealed themselves, we continued to call True North Marine to help sort them out. Once a diagnosis was made we were faced with the quintessential dilemma—repair or replace? We soon discovered that Patrick is always keeping himself educated and up to date about new products and their reviews in quality, unbiased publications such as Practical Sailor. He was able to give us an informed, reality–based assessment of what would be involved in repair vs. replacement of a system component. He advised us in a way that we never felt as if we were being pushed into replacing something that could just as easily and safely been repaired. At various points in the process when we had to head back to Iowa, Patrick kept us informed via emails and by using Dropbox™ to send us photos as the work progressed. Being able to follow along with photos tremendously reduced the stress of being so far away. We never felt as if we were no longer involved in the work being done on our own boat.

Once we decided whether to repair or replace, it came time to call in the True North Marine troops. I can’t say enough about the quality of work we received from all the guys that work for True North Marine. People we got to know well like Mark, Brent, Carlos and David (among others) are knowledgeable, courteous, pleasant and very respectful of the fact that they are working in your home on the water. Everything was done to the highest possible standards and on the rare occasion that something didn’t work exactly as it should, Patrick personally came out to the boat to find the problem and do whatever it took to make it right. The guys make a point of cleaning up after themselves and putting things back and we never felt that our privacy or possessions were violated. Working together, they have made this old boat of ours young again and ready for pretty much anything.

True North Marine is all about professionalism, quality workmanship and good service. But what makes True North Marine take its place at the head of the class is that it is really all about trust.”

R.I. and Theresa Fishleder
s/v Theresa Marie

Cedar Rapids, IA

My introduction to boating and all of the duties and responsibilities associated with boat ownership started when I was very, very young. This included oil changes, minor to intermediate maintenance, and trying to outsmart my younger brother for a chance to be the “Top Mechanic” instead of a “Mechanics Helper” on days when our boats required servicing, troubleshooting, and repairs.  Growing up in Miami, Florida, and living just a block or so off of the water, I was taught how to “drive” a boat nearly a decade before I was eligible to obtain a vehicle operator’s license.  In my family, if you wanted to drive the boats, you were going to contribute to the sometimes beleaguering effort of maintaining and fixing them too. Therefore, the joy of “messing about in boats” was for me, a two-fold environment. It was a chance to have fun and exciting times on the water often and also a chance to see what was required to ensure that our boat was going to be dependable and not break down in the middle of Biscayne Bay.  In later years, as I grew to take charge of the vessels independently, it meant NOT getting stranded in the Atlantic Ocean or while crossing the Gulfstream enroute to Bimini or Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island and back.

When maintenance and repairs were too big for us as “backyard mechanics” so to speak, we had to call one of the local yards or service companies to come do the work, or take the boats in to their facility for servicing.  In South Florida, there are an abundance of boat repair companies with fierce competition for a boater’s buck.  Nearly the entire economy is boating related in some form or fashion. So, I grew up for the first half of my life, with a “boating problem”  being accustomed to quality, dependable, honest, reliable, punctual, trustworthy, honest, friendly,  ethical persons who cared about their craft and treating the Customer right – ALL THE TIME!  If they didn’t, their reputations would suffer (quickly albeit), and their businesses would close and cease to exist.

Enough with the history lesson so, here is my point. Fast forward to 1983 when I moved to the Houston area.  It was a maritime culture shock for me, due to the fact that I was hard-pressed to find a boat mechanic or repair shop with all of the virtues of accountability and responsibility that I thought was normal for anybody who serviced and repaired boats.  They just were not out there and the apathy seemed to me to abound “around the lake or bay area” where I lived.  Fellow boaters told me to “just get used to it, or don’t expect much because that’s pretty much the way it is around here.”  My searching wasn’t a total loss though, as I was lucky enough to find one or two great people or Companies over the span of two and a half decades, but unfortunately for me, they eventually closed up shop and relocated, leaving me to start the search, and take the chance on a disappointing adventure all over again.  After yet another “dry period” of becoming frustrated with poor to absolutely incompetent and unreliable mechanics, finally in 2009 a good friend of mine who knew Brent at True North very well, recommended Patrick and True North Marine.  It was the best referral I have ever had!

Patrick and his crew of professionals are absolutely superb in every way.  Since day one, I have had nothing but a favorable experience with them.  True North understands and exemplifies the true meaning of Customer Service in their punctuality, dependability, knowledge of systems and instruments, quality craftsmanship and work ethic.        I have become good friends with Patrick and his crew and know nearly all of them by their first names.  They are a great group of people who truly care about doing thinks right and if ever there is a rare hiccup or oversight, it is corrected swiftly without question. The Company is very conscientious, accountable, and accepts responsibility.

Patrick and his crew are willing to really go the extra mile for their Customers.  One example is that this past June I went to check out the boat a couple of days before my step-daughter’s wedding to make certain that everything was in tip-top shape as she had “hired” me to Captain the vessel on a moonlit midnight cruise after her wedding reception at the Admiral at the Endeavor Marina.  With my expectation to find all systems normal, because I had no reason to believe otherwise, (having just used the boat the previous weekend), I started the generator and exercised the systems to find all normal. However, when engaged the starters on each engine, there was nothing, not even a “click” to indicate a struggling battery.

In essence I was truly “dead in the water” and I had to use the boat in less than two days for a wedding cruise!   I did the usual checks to see if I could find the problem and fix the situation but no luck. So, I got on the phone ASAP to Patrick to tell him I needed help with a troubleshooting and boat service rescue operation for the starting problem.  It was five o’clock on a Friday afternoon.  Without hesitation, Patrick told me that he would have a crew on it first thing in the morning and to not worry about the boat being down and out of service, that he would assess the situation, identify the problem and do whatever it takes to get me out of the slip and able to use the boat on Sunday. As it turned out, as usual, Patrick’s crew was all over it first thing Saturday morning and they got the problem solved within a couple of hours. They did the repairs in a driving rainstorm that lasted for almost half of the time that they were at the boat without a complaint one, and Patrick even showed up to check on the situation and ensure that everything was going well. True North Marine went above and beyond and for that I am very grateful and appreciative, especially on this occasion!

On another occasion, this past August, my buddy was following me in his 45 foot cockpit motor yacht in the Intracoastal Waterway and his boat overheated an engine inbound to Harborwalk just west of the Galveston Causeway Railroad Bridge. It was a belt or hose that had failed and caused the overheat warning to light up on the annunciator panel.  After securing the engine, before we were even at Red Can Bend, the call was made to True North Marine and Patrick had dispatched a service van to come down to Hitchcock to troubleshoot and correct the problem.  This again happened on a Saturday.  We saw the True North van pull up and observed that it was Patrick himself that made the trip down to fix the vessel.  In a few hours Patrick had everything up and running and back to normal.  The boat ran great all the way back to Clear Lake the following Sunday and everything was perfect.

I have had nothing less than a positive delightful experience with True North Marine, Patrick, Michelle, Brent, David and all of the other Technicians. In my experience, they have delivered a quality service to me and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable, dependable, and fair Team of experts to work on, service, repair or even maintain their boats. It has been such a positive experience for me that I joked with Patrick a couple of years ago, asking him what he was going to when the word was out and he was so popular that he was continually “covered up” and too busy to handle all of the requests for business. I can recall that he kind of smiled and laughed a little and stated “I don’t mind being real busy but I won’t let it impact my service level, or at least try my best to deliver the best service possible, sort of have to grow and adapt to the situation.”  They have grown appreciably and still live up to their commitments. True North Marine is a great success story, not only for themselves but for their many Customers who have come to expect and appreciate a service Company that believes in all of the virtues that keep Customers coming back. Thanks Ron, for the referral!

Capt. Doug Chappell

m/v “Dock Trauma”