Yacht Washing Services

True North Marine Swabbies Offer Dockside Boat and Yacht Washing Services!

Washing your boat is important regular maintenance.  If left undone, gelcoat and paints can become oxidized and porous ahead of their time and absorb all types of damaging particles (salt, dirt, mildew, etc.), ultimately requiring expensive repairs or negatively affecting the value of your vessel.  Keeping a clean and crisp exterior by using quality cleaning and protective products is the best defense against unplanned expenses that push your boat towards the proverbial hole in the water that gobbles up thousands of dollars at a time.

True North recommends performing an Express/Basic Wash for your boat on a two week interval, and a Detail or Premium Wash once a quarter to provide a protective level of preventive maintenance.  However, our washing services are also available on-demand at your request to supplement your washing regimen as needed.  We can provide a basic wash ahead of a trip to the boat so it is clean upon your arrival, or a deep cleaning after an extended weekend trip or coastal adventure to undo the effects of salt spray and Galveston Bay or Intracoastal grime.


You’ll find they are professional, detail oriented, able to interpret your personal requests, and will make the proper care of your vessel their top priority.  Our standard pricing structure is listed below.  Please contact our office if you would like to request any level of these services, or if there are any other ways we can offer assistance to improve your boating experience!


$1.50 per foot for a Detox Wash
*Upper Helm/Flybridge $1.75/FT*

Don’t forget to detox your vessel by removing dirt and grime after a weekend out on the bay! As another preventative maintenance service, True North Marine’s Swabbies are now offering The Detox Wash. It is important to thoroughly wash salt water off of your vessel after every use. If left undone the damage can be irreversible. The Detox Wash will remove salt water to prevent metals from corroding and keep the hull from deteriorating over time. We want to keep you and your vessel looking good for your next outing with friends and family. Additional pricing may be required. *This is a rinse with fresh water only.

Detox Wash Includes:

  • Rinsing Hull & Topside
  • Rinsing off Decks, Non-skid, & Cockpit Areas
  • Rinsing & Drying Windshields, Windows, & Enclosure Isinglass
  • Rinsing & Drying Stainless Railings & Pulpits
  • Remove  cockpit/exterior trash

$2.75 per foot for an Express/Basic Wash
*Upper Helm/Flybridge $3.75/FT*

Ideal for the following conditions: when your boat has bird droppings, exterior is dirty/dusty, and windows are dirty. For extensive cleaning, additional pricing may be required.

Express/Basic Wash Service Includes:

  • Washing Hull & Topside
  • Cleaning of Decks, Non-skid, & Cockpit Areas
  • Cleaning & Drying Windshields, Windows, & Enclosure Isinglass
  • Cleaning & Drying Stainless Railings & Pulpits

$6.00 per foot for a Detail Wash
*Upper Helm/Flybridge $7.75/FT*

Ideal for the following conditions: when your boat has bird droppings, exterior is dirty/dusty, and windows are dirty. Also when stainless, seat cushions and compartments need a little TLC. For extensive cleaning, additional pricing may be required.

Detail Wash Service Includes:

  • The Same as Express/Basic wash, Plus
  • Polishing Stainless
  • Removing Mildew from Seats and Cushions
  • Cleaning Compartments and Hatches

$13.00 per foot for a Premium Wash
*Upper Helm/Flybridge $14.75/FT*

Ideal for the following conditions: when your boat has bird droppings, exterior is dirty/dusty, and windows are dirty.  Also when stainless, seat cushions, canvas and compartments need a little TLC. For extensive cleaning, additional pricing may be required.

Premium Wash Service Includes:

  • The same as Detail Wash, Plus
  • Removal of Surface Rust
  • Cleaning Canvas (with Mildew Removal) and Isinglass (with Cleaner and Protectant)
  • Applying Mildew Resistant Mist to Canvas
  • Applying Corrosion Inhibitor to Working Parts



***The A La Cart Items can be paired with a Basic or Detailed Wash option***
Pricing determined on a case-by-case basis. Please call for pricing.
-Polish Stainless
-Remove Mildew from Seats and Cushions
-Clean Compartments and Hatches
-Remove Surface Rust
-Clean Isinglass
-Apply Mildew Resistant Mist to Canvas
-Apply Corrosion Inhibitor to Working Parts
-Clean Canvas (Includes Mildew Removal)



Let’s schedule your washes up ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it. Call for pricing to get on a Monthly, Bi-Weekly or Weekly maintenance wash program with a basic/express wash.

Dockside Boat and Yacht Washing is a service offered by True North Marine to all boat owners in Kemah, Seabrook, Houston and surrounding areas.  We strive to grow and expand our services to support our mission of keeping our customers boating for their leisurely activity of choice.  We do this by providing outstanding professionalism and exceptional customer service that enable our clients to maximize the enjoyment of their free time invested on the water.

This service will be performed by our Swabbies (full-time employees of TNM, not sub-contractors), with the same attention to detail, documentation, and communication you’ve come to expect from True North Marine.

Interior Cleaning is Now Available!

Your vessel is your escape, your place of relaxation and your time to enjoy boating! Who wants to spend that time cleaning and organizing? True North Marine is now offering interior cleaning services from a Quick Clean to a Deep Clean. You can leave the mess to us and come back to a boat that is spotless, refreshed and comfortable without the stress and hassle of cleaning it yourself!

Interior Quick Clean
This is a one-time, on demand service intended for a quick clean up after a trip on your vessel. This is a great service if you do not have the time to do the little things once back to shore. It can also be combined with our Detox Wash. This is a fresh water exterior rinse to remove the salt water from the hull and topside to prevent any long term damage to the gelcoat.

The Quick Clean Includes the Following:
– Remove Trash and Replace Trash Bags
– Wipe Down/Clean/Disinfect Galley Counters and Sink
– Wipe Down/Clean/Disinfect Head Surface Areas and Sink(s)
– Clean Head Toilet(s)
– Vacuum and Sweep all Flooring

Interior Basic Clean
The Basic Clean is intended to clean all surface areas, rooms and heads aboard your vessel on a regular basis, although this service is available on-demand if needed.. True North Marine recommends the Basic Clean at least once a month, depending on how often you are using your vessel. If you use your vessel more regularly, then weekly or bi-weekly programs are available.

The Basic Clean Includes the Following:
– Wipe Down/Clean/Disinfect All Surface Areas, Including but not Limited to All Counters, Sinks Windows, and Interior Wood.
– Wipe Down and Clean the Pilot House and/or Cockpit Surface Areas
– Clean & Disinfect All Head Toilet(s) and Sink(s)
– Vacuum Carpets & Sweep Floors
– Wipe Down and Clean Vinyl Seating
– Vacuum Seating and Under Cushions
– Make Beds and Arrange Pillows on Furniture, as needed

Interior Deep Clean
The Deep Clean is the most detailed interior cleaning service available. Including showers, appliances, cabinets, etc. This is intended to be done prior to starting a Basic Clean program. The Deep Clean covers every corner of your vessel and once completed it creates a fresh start and can be simply maintained with a Basic Clean Program.

The Deep Clean Includes the Following:
The Basic Clean, plus…
– Clean All Interior Appliances
– Deep Clean/Disinfect Entire Head (Including Showers & Walls)
– Wipe Down/Clean Blinds, Fans, Curtains and Window Gutters/Tracks
– Wipe Down/Clean Cabinets & Drawers
– Clean Interior Compartments under Seating
– Spot Clean Carpet, as needed
– Spot Clean Headliners, as needed
– Spot Clean Upholstery, as needed
(Any of these items can be individually added to a Basic Clean A La Carte)



OR EMAIL: swabbies@truenorth-marine.com