Hurricane Season is Upon Us – Are You Prepared?

Was your vessel ready for Tropical Storm Cindy last week?

True North Marine's Storm Support ServicesWe are all thankful Cindy didn’t develop further or impact our area, but how well was your boat prepared, and did you have the time to do it?

Put your mind at ease, protect your investment, and focus on other priorities by utilizing

True North Marine’s New Storm Support Services – Another service offered under our Captain-Lite Yacht Management Program 

Our Storm Support Services consist of the following:

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We Are Excited to Announce Our NEWEST Dealer Partnerships!

True North Marine is now a dealer for FCI Watermakers and Pompanette Air Conditioners

Check out more details below!

Being a dealer for these products gives TNM direct access to factory engineers, factory training, and repair/applications support.  To our customers, this translates to a professional, reliable, and efficient installation that will work when you need it most!     


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Get Your Boat Ready For Summer – Raymarine

 Now is the time to get your boat ready for the Summer Season!

Have you been thinking about replacing those old sun-faded sailing instruments, or that chart plotter that refuses to turn on? Raymarine could be your solution!

Raymarine Electronics

In this Issue:

  1. Why choose Raymarine electronics?
  1. Why purchase a turn-key Electronics Installation from True North Marine 
  1. Raymarine Special Rebate Offers

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How To Get Rid of Funky Smells on a Boat

How to fix funky head smells on a boatNo one likes to be met head-on with an unpleasant smell when boarding a boat.

These odors can originate from a runaway head problem, a persistent diesel leak, pet odors, mildew, or a multitude of other sources. As you may have experienced, bedding, upholstery, cushions, and even clothing can absorb these smells. Unfortunately, these aromas can permeate your boat and become as much a part of its “character” as its teak & holly cabin sole.

Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems and they are not just another trade-off you have to make as part of boat ownership. Continue reading

Dangers of Brass Oil Pressure Fittings

Be Very Careful With The Type of Oil Pressure Fitting Used In Your Engine

oct15-9Many times on smaller diesel engines, there may be only one accessible oil pressure port. Many of these same engines come equipped from the factory with only a low oil pressure alarm and light occupying that port. Often times the need or want arises for an owner to install an auxiliary oil pressure gauge at the helm. The ability to monitor this (along with coolant temperature) from the helm can be very valuable. Given only one useable oil pressure port, a common installation practice is the use of a pipe nipple and tee to allow both a low oil pressure switch (for the alarm) and an oil pressure-sending unit (for the gauge) to use the same port. At first glance, this seems like a perfect solution. However, there are some very significant dangers lurking if proper materials are not selected. Continue reading

Small Diesel Engine Maintenance

sailboat on the water

Your engine is likely the single most expensive piece of equipment aboard. However, it seldom gets the attention that its replacement cost should warrant.

With the summer behind us, and boating schedules less demanding, the off-season is a great time to catch up on preventive maintenance. If you own a sailboat in the 28-60’ range, chances are you have a Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Westerbeke, Universal, or Perkins engine. While you might have something different, the discussion points to follow will probably apply just the same.

Below is a brief summary of the major maintenance items that should be on your radar.

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Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

August in the Houston area means afternoon temps pushing 100 degrees, without much cooling off at night. This summer is looking like it’s going to be one of the hottest ones in recent years. Don’t let these temps keep you from enjoying time aboard your boat.

A simple air conditioning malfunction can make your vessel literally uninhabitable this time of year and can easily ruin a weekend of much needed boat time. Exercising some good preventive maintenance can minimize the chances you’ll be looking for a hotel room or driving back across town when you’re A/C succumbs to the heat.

The following is a list of important preventive maintenance point’s generic to almost all marine air conditioning systems. Continue reading

Boating Tech Tip #103: Dock Water

Safe use of dock water on your boat:

Connecting dock water to your boat's fresh water system can bring a welcome relief from the seemingly endless hassle of filling your fresh water tank, especially if you stay weekends or live aboard your boat. It can provide a never-ending source of smooth, consistent water pressure and flow to your shower and other faucets and fixtures aboard. If your fresh water tank has ever run dry half way through a shower, it's likely you spared no expense to figure out how to make the dock water connection.

While this practice has many advantages, it must be used with discipline and diligence. Along with the convenience of unlimited fresh water comes the hidden danger of unlimited fresh water. Here are a few things to remember:

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Bilge Pumps – Forgotten Under Your Floorboards

Although it goes without saying, not many priorities rank higher on board your vessel than keeping water outside and on the underside of your hull.

However, it is amazing how often vital bilge pump systems are completely neglected.

It happens so often that a large number of boat sinkings every year are a direct result of neglected maintenance. Listed below are a few key points to keep in mind when it comes to these critical systems.

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